About Me

       My name is Jason Phillip Gagnon and welcome to my website! I grew up in the Mid-Michigan area on a small horse farm. When I wasn't running around in the woods with my brother, Jeremy, I was sketching my own comic books or reading novels.

      I am a recent graduate from Central Michigan University (CMU) where I graduated with my B.A.A in Fashion Design with a minor in fiber arts. I then completed my Masters of Science in Apparel Product Development and Merchandising Technology at CMU shortly after my undergraduate degree.


While at CMU I taught coursework in CAD, draping, flat patterning, sewing construction, and collection development. It was amazing to work with the undergraduate students and help them realize their own potential.

      My goals for my career are to work in the industry as an apparel designer while teaching zero waste design methods through a workshop series, exhibit fiber art pieces, and whatever else my creativity leads me into. I enjoy being creative, developing great apparel, sewing for my husband, knitting, and having fun while I do it. A great disco soundtrack helps too!



Contact Me: jp.g_design@yahoo.com

           CV & Resume

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