"Onward" (2016)
An exploration of texture with oil paint.
Textile Painting
This print was created by using a textile medium paint on cotton gauze fabric. It was then sewn into a top for my senior fashion collection.
Textile Painting
This Palmistry/Palm Reading print was made by sketching and painting using a textile medium paint. It was sewn into a shift dress for my senior fashion collection.
Fibers Installation Art
This was the yarn sample project for my independent study on natural dyes. All the yarns are wool and were soaked in an alum mordant first. The dyes featured are logwood, osage orange, madder root, brazilwood, marigold, yellow onion, and black walnut. Logwood and onion were used as after dyes to create various additional colors.
Natural Dyeing
These silk scarves were dyed using brazilwood and logwood.
Natural Dyeing
This silk scarf was dyed using marigold and logwood.
Acrylic Abstract
Installation Art
"The Golden Bough" was created by using found materials in the form of a fallen branch. It was deeply cleansed, repaired/trimmed, and painted with gold acrylic paint for a gilded look.
Pottery Painting
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