Project 1: Businesswear
"Alchemic Balance"
For this project I developed luxury businesswear for women who desire creativity in this apparel despite having a conservative job. The theme of alchemy was explored to bring two unlikely things, business and creativity, into one cohesive collection.
Project 2: Kids
"The Astonishing Atomic Babies"
For this project I developed a children's collection inspired by comic books and super heroes for children ages 4-6. The design goal was to create a collection that parents could mix and match to create their own little heroes (or villains).
Project 3: Eveningwear
"Celtic Nightshade"
This luxury collection was designed for the curve/plus size woman in mind. The inspiration for the collection was based on Ireland - from its folklore, fairy myths, art, and landscape. The croquis for this collection were developed to resemble certain body types from hourglass, pear, rectangle, and inverted triangle. The design challenge was to provide options that balance their proportions.
Project 4: Menswear
"Street Shaman"
This collection for men was developed from post-apocalyptic fashion trends mixed with Occult symbolism for fashion forward ready-to-wear collection for spring/summer. A client profile was created to help create a branded experience and cohesion.
Project 5: Final Collection
"Kindred Waters"
The design inspiration for this women's ready-to-wear collection came from studying abroad in Europe and learning about Balenciaga. This initial inspiration was combined with my original digital print created from digitally manipulated photos of Hamlin Lake, Michigan. The resulting collection of garments in infused with Balenciaga silhouettes, modern styling, and original textile prints. This final collection was a mixed media project that was rendered with watercolor, markers, and colored pencils to create a collection with texture and depth.
FMD 697B: Advanced Fashion Illustration
Prior to this course I was struggling with my croquis development and proportions. Under the instruction of
Dr. Ling Zhang I worked on advancing my illustration skills and creative journaling. I followed along with her undergraduate fashion illustration students while working on advanced techniques and different types of croquis (plus size, kids, and men). In this course I also learned how to create technical flats by hand.
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Pre-Test & Post Test
Growth Exercise & Skills Assessment
At the very beginning of the semester we were given an inspiration picture to draw for 45 minutes. After completing the image our Professor held them until the end of the semester. On our very last day of class we were to complete the drawing again for 45 minutes. Once we completed the Post Test we were given our Pre-Test drawings to show our growth over the semester.

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