CMU Threads Fashion Show 2016

Theme: Fashion Laboratory

Collection: "The Grand Sabbath"

Photographer: Jessica Bailey

This senior collection was inspired by Occult symbolism, Victorian Fashion Elements, and Fall/Winter Urban Sportswear.

A focus on handcrafting appears in dyed silks, custom embellishments, painted printeds, and intricate detailing.

CMU Threads Fashion Show 2014

Theme: Art

Collection: "The Fine Line"

Photographer: Claire Burgess

This collection was created in honor of my friend and Grandmother that passed that year. This sophisticated Spring/Summer collection was inspired by the

works of the late artist Zao Wou-Ki.

Silk was hand painted to resemble Zao's abstract works and silhouettes from several decades were used to highlight his life through time.

CMU Threads Fashion Show 2013

Theme: The Movies

Collection: "The Pleasures of Searing Water"

Photographer: Various

This Spring/Summer collection was based on the film, "Memoirs of a Geisha." The main focus is a relationship between tempermental dualities such as fire/water. This collection also was shown at Fashion on the Shore 2013 and received top honors.

Heavy research on Geisha history and culture was conducted to ensure reverence of the inspiration. A modern interpretation was applied through fabrication and silhouette.

CMU Threads Fashion Show 2012

Theme: Time Periods

Collection: "A Modern Medieval Fairytale"

Photographer: Ken Kadwell

This collection done with partner and we created a Fall/Winter collection inspired by Medieval fashion. The balance of hard versus soft was the major focus.

The collection was created through draping and flat patterning. I wanted to experiment with many different types of fabrics and details.

CMU Threads Fashion Show 2011

Theme: The Seasons

Collection: "Lost in the Snowfire"

Photographer: Ken Kadwell

This Spring/Summer collection was inspired by the melting period of Spring. At this time fog prevails where I grew up, nature is stirring, and wild grape hyacinth appears.

At this time I was finally able to pattern my own designs and I experimented with draping. Silk was hand dyed in an ombre technique to depict fog's effect on shape and form.

CMU Threads Fashion Show 2010

Theme: Autobiography

Collection: "A Seed to a Flower"

Photographers: Ken Kadwell, Andy Hawkes

This Fall/Winter collection was created to represent my growth as a design student by using a botanical analogy. Each garment was meant to show a progession of my skills and my future potential.


This was my first student collection and first major sewing work done outside of class. Since I lacked pattern making skills at this time, I modified commercial patterns to create my designs.

Fashion on the Shore 2012

A student competition held in St. Joseph, MI.

Collection: "The Queen's Guard"

Photographer: Various

This capsule collection features two looks from the 2012 collection "A Modern Medieval Fairytale" as well as a third new look created just for the competition.


The competition featured students from all over Michigan, Illinois, and Wisconsin. This was my first time competing.

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